ACL Kiddie Limits Spotlight: Big Don

Hey Austinites - did you know that award-winning hip-hop musician Don Robinson (Big Don) is based right here in our wonderful city? He is a member of the Austin music hall of fame, and has been part of the Austin music scene for 22 years. 

Big Don's charismatic style and charm is legendary! Catch him on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage on Saturday, October 3; Sunday, October 4; and Friday, October 9. He was kind enough to grant us a preview interview before his show tomorrow. 

What has been the most exciting gig you have performed so far? 

We have performed at ACL on the kids stage twice before and it is always a super exciting environment! Playing a festival like ACL that is really the biggest gathering of a local community is always amazing to us.

Who is a fan of your music that you never expected to have? 
College kids! We actually have a huge following among kids in their 20's who identify with the contemporary sound that we bring to the production of our music. The messages are obviously aimed at kids between the ages of 3 and 9 years of age, so when college kids approach me about how they dig the sound, it's pretty flattering.

What do you love about performing in Austin? 
Austin is one of the best communities on the planet for getting together an having a good time whether it's the annual Kite festival or many of our world-famous music festivals like ACL and South By Southwest. People here really love to embrace getting together and sharing everything the city has to offer with family.

What is the best thing about being a musician for children? 
There is absolutely no better feeling than being able to make a child smile. We played one of our performances at the Austin Children's Hospital. Getting those kids up, smiling and dancing and being able to forget about being sick for even a brief amount of time was really special to us.

What are your some of your favorite songs that are not kids' music? 
Well, being a musician I am influenced by everything from James Brown to Michael Jackson. I simply love Pop, Soul and Hip Hop Music! My favorite song of all time is "Dancing Machine" by the Jackson 5.

What's your favorite restaurant in Austin? 
Chuy's is my favorite restaurant on earth. There just is nothing better!

Welcome back to the ACL stage, Big Don!

Sat, Oct. 3rd | 1:00 - 1:25 PM
Austin Kiddie Limits

Sun, Oct. 4th | 1:00 - 1:25 PM
Austin Kiddie Limits

Fri, Oct. 9th | 12:30 - 12:55 PM
Austin Kiddie Limits

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