ACL Kiddie Limits Live: Justin Roberts

And we're here! ACL is in full swing, and we are listening to and interviewing some of our favorite artists while we're on site. 


Did you know that Justin Roberts was in school getting an advanced degree in Theology when his first album started to take off? He had been a preschool teacher and decided to make a children's CD on a whim. While he was studying, he played occasional gigs for his professors' children, and he realized that his heart was in the music.

Justin finds inspiration from his own childhood memories and finds a personal connection to help him create his music. He has nine CDs in his repertoire now, and he is constantly looking for ideas and thinking about topics as they come up.

"I am a big fan of lyrics," Justin said. "So I like artists like Loudon Wainwright, Nick Lowe, and Joni Mitchell. Musically, I like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys."

Speaking of the legendary Brian Wilson, Justin had a chance to play for him once, and Brian asked Justin to play a particular song again just for him. And then asked him to play it a second time, and then a third. On the third round of the song, Brian started harmonizing with Justin and creating his own version of the song.

Recently, Justin wrote the lyrics and music for a musical in Chicago, and watched it come to life. And he is working on a second picture book that is scheduled for released in 2017.

Listening to Justin play is like no other kids band you can think of - it's funny, and catchy, and sophisticated. And, of course, fun. Catch him again this Sunday, October 4, at 4 PM on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage.

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