Austin Kiddie Limits Spotlight: Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players

Here we go – Austin Kiddie Limits 2015! 

Photo courtesy of Justin Roberts

We’re going to highlight the musicians one by one on this page so you can learn more about them before you see them in person.

First up: Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players

Grammy-nominated Justin Roberts has been creating catchy kids’ music for two decades, and the New York Times says he has “a remarkable ability to see through a child’s eyes… the Judy Blume of kiddie rock.” Want to know more? Here’s our latest interview with Justin. 

ACL With Kids: Justin, what has been the most exciting gig you have performed so far?

Justin Roberts: Probably a tie between performing “Meltdown” on the Today Show in 2006 and doing a two - week run of our concert/theater piece “The Mysterious Hat” at the New Victory Theater in New York City last spring.

ACLWK: Who is a fan of your music that you never expected to have?

JR: Sometime in the late '90s after releasing my first recording of kids’ songs (Great Big Sun), Lou Diamond Phillips invited my brother and me over for dinner. I played songs on the “La Bamba” guitar and was totally shocked when he knew all the words [to my songs] and sang along. Flash forward to 2014, and Lou was at Legoland during our New Year’s Eve concert. He jumped on stage and sang with us during the song "Stay at Home Dad." He’s such a great guy, a genuine, grounded human being, and a total star.

ACLWK: What do you love about performing in Austin (or what are you looking forward to)?

JR: We are thrilled to be performing at ACL. We have only been to Austin for a conference. Strangely we’ve played all over Texas but never in Austin. So we are thrilled to have this festival be one of our first experiences.

ACLWK: What is the best thing about being a musician for children?

JR: Watching the audience and listening to what they say. Kids are so natural and honest. They are who they are. They will jump up and dance or, bored, walk away. I love listening to their questions and watching them watch their parents participate in the show.

ACLWK: What are some of your favorite songs that are not kids' music?

Secondary Modern - Elvis Costello
Still Believe in Me - Beach Boys
Case of You - Joni Mitchell
It’s All in my Mind - Teenage Fanclub
September Gurls - Big Star
A Beginning Song - Decemberists (excited that they are playing at ACL with our good friends Nora O’Connor and Kelly Hogan singing back up!)

Find Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage:
Fri, Oct. 2nd | 3:30 - 4:00 PM
Sun, Oct. 4th | 4:00 - 4:30 PM

Get ready to sing along! Here is their video “Recess” from their YouTube page.

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