The Verve Pipe Returns to Austin Kiddie Limits

The Verve Pipe will be back in town to perform songs off of their new album, Are We There Yet? on the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at this year's ACL Music Festival. Take a look at the interview below, originally posted on LiveMom, and be sure to catch them at the on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 3:30pm, Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 4:05pm, Saturday, October 11, 2013 at 2:30pm and Sunday, October 12, 2013 at 3:30pm.

Many of you will remember The Verve Pipe from the mid-nineties when they gained popularity with their song “Freshman”. While The Verve Pipe has done a lot since “Freshman” hit the airwaves, the dark song about suicide and abortion is what stands out when most people think of the band. If this is the extent of what you know about them, you will probably be surprised to learn that they are performing at ACL on the Austin Kiddie Limits Stage!

The band’s most recent album, A Family Album (October 2009), is silly rock that will have you happily singing along with the kids as they ask to hear songs from it over and over again (trust me as that has been my true life story for the last several weeks). I had the privilege of speaking to Donny Brown- drummer, song-writer, co-founder and producer- about their most recent album.

The band came up with the idea to create an album for the entire family after they were asked to contribute a song on a compilation album for kids. In the process of working on the compilation, they came up with several songs of their own. In fact, they had such a good time that they decided to go ahead and create a Verve Pipe album for the entire family. Donny said they wanted the material to be “something that adults could get a chuckle out of” and still “keep the songs so they weren’t talking down to kids.” You will find that the album offers something for all age groups which is great for those who have children of varying ages.

The Family Album includes ten songs written by Donny Brown and lead singer Brian Vander Ark. It is filled with love, childhood shenanigans and silliness. It covers many genres from rock to pop to bluegrass with some '70s ballad and '80s hair band thrown in the mix as well. Your kids will love the up tempo “Wakeup”, the anthem “Cereal”, the silly song about the names of food in “Suppertime”, and the pure rocking out of “Be a Part of the Band”. Plus, you will both love the hilarious hijinks in “We Had to Go Home,” which Donny wrote about a time when “my brother and I were actually asked to leave (a birthday party).... My parents received a call to come get us after we drove a go-cart into the side of an above ground pool.” Who doesn’t have crazy memories like that from childhood? There are also great warm and fuzzy songs filled with love and the messages Brian wanted to pass on not only to his own daughter but to children everywhere, in songs such as “Complimentary Love”, “Worrisome One” and “Only One of You.”

If you have had your fill of inane children’s music with overdone ABC’s, Old MacDonald or purple dinosaurs (sorry Barney!), then check out The Family Album and be on the lookout for a second Verve Pipe album for families to come. Donny was kind enough to share a rough cut of one of the new songs with me, and, if it is any indication of the next album, it will be just as fun!

Written by Katie Mastovich

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