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LiveMom is thrilled to be covering the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) again this year. They have listened to all the bands and have picked the ones they think you should have on your schedule. Are you ready for some great music?!

There are those moments in life when you meet a person and can instantly see the passion for what they do written all over them. I had one of those moments when I first met The Q Brothers a few years ago at my inaugural Austin City Limits Music Festival. Set up inside a booth in the Austin Kiddie Limits area is a hip-hop music making station that is run by this fantastic brother-duo. GQ and JQ are no strangers to the music and entertainment industry with a resume that includes co-creating, co-directing, and starring in the original productions of Othello: The Remix and Funk It Up About Nothin', among many other credits. Add in a little writing, producing, acting and album-making and you've got two incredibly talented guys who are there at the festival to teach your kids how to be just as awesome as they are. 

Q bros ACL

LiveMom: What is the source of inspiration for your music? Are either of you parents?

Q Brothers: FAMILY is the source of inspiration for our music. We're not parents... yet.

LiveMom: What's the best part about performing for children?

Q Brothers: Kicking something that is real for us, and having them genuinely feel we are being real with them, and not dumbing down material because they are young. Also, making songs up on the spot, about elephants, rainbows, and Darth Vader is pretty dope.

LiveMom: You have been to Austin many times for past ACL Festivals. What do you like to do while in town? Any favorite restaurants or tourist spots?

Q Brothers: I think this is our 6th or 7th ACL...We love eating Tex Mex every day. Tacos at Torchy’s is always a standby for us. Allen’s Boots is great for gear.

LiveMom: What's on your ACL schedule? Which bands are you looking forward to seeing?

Q Brothers: We literally just got back from performing for three weeks in London. We haven't even looked at the schedule yet. I like being surprised every year, and not planning too much!

LiveMom: What do you hope children gain from listening to the Q Brothers?

Q Brothers: Confidence, good vibes, and some great laughs.

LiveMom: What advice would you give to parents of budding musicians to encourage a lifelong 
love of music?

Q Brothers: Support your children's interests, no matter what they are!

For updates, follow the Q Brothers on Facebook, Twitter or their website.

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